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To find production data, there are two types of searches that you can do.

  • General Production Query Use the General Production Query to find oil and gas production information that covers a wide scope or is more extensive. You can drill down to whatever specific information you need from the general queries. For example, if you are looking for production information for a geographic area of Texas for a given year, or a span of years, the general query is a better fit.

  • Specific Lease Query If you are searching for information about a particular lease and you have the lease number and the district number, use the Specific Lease Query page. If you don't have the number, but you know the name begins with ADCO, for example, you can search for Lease Names.

Caution: Using the browser's Back button may cause inconsistent query results. Use the Query Path links or Return buttons provided in your resulting data to navigate.


Production Data reflects reports processed through:    September 19, 2023

Currently Loaded Production Data:    January 1993 - July 2023

Production volumes and dispositions for January 2005 production and any reports filed after February 11, 2005 may include separation/extraction loss and disposition code conversions by Railroad Commission staff to conform with formats used prior to implementation of the new PR form. To view actual reported production data, go to Production Reports.
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