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Drilling Permit (W-1) Query

Select one or more search criteria below, and click on Submit to view the results.

If you select more than one search criteria, all of them have to be true for the W-1 to appear in the result list.

Search Criteria
Off-lease Surface Location is for a horizontal or directional wellbore profile only. Off-lease Penetration Point is for a horizontal wellbore profile only.
*All returned records with an Approved Date before 2/28/2016 contain a value of 'No,' even when an off-lease condition is present. For records before this date, view the individual record.

Lease Name search returns all records for that Lease Name. Lease Number search only returns records of wells on the Proration Schedule. For a broader results set, do not select a District.


Wellbore Completion Type selections below are for a horizontal wellbore profile only.
**Returned records will have a Submitted Date after 4/8/2013 when a value of 'Yes' is selected.

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