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Form W-1

Status #: 768652 - 99
API #: 059-37002
Operator: 561161 - MERKAZ DRILLING, LLC
Issued: 08/29/2013, Filed: Online
Lease Name: SM DAVIS
Well #: 95, District: 7B, County: CALLAHAN
Filing Purpose: New Drill
Wellbore Profiles: Vertical
Revised plat attached. (08/29/2013 08:29:47 AM)
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Completion Information
Well Status Code Spud Date Drilling Completed Surface Casing Date
Z - Unperfed completion 02/12/2014 02/14/2014 02/14/2014
General / Location Information
Basic Information:
Filing Purpose Wellbore Profiles Lease Name Well # SWR Total Depth Horizontal Wellbore Stacked Lateral Parent Well DP #
New Drill Vertical SM DAVIS 95 1950
Surface Location Information:
API # Distance from Nearest Town Direction from Nearest Town Nearest Town Surface Location Type
059-37002   Click here to search API Number. 3.0 miles SE Putnam Land
Survey/Legal Location Information:
Section Block Survey Abstract # County
Township League Labor Porcion Share Tract Lot
Perpendicular surface location from two nearest designated lines:
Perpendiculars Distance Direction Distance Direction
Survey Perpendiculars 1050.0 feet WEST 750.0 feet SOUTH
District Field Name Field # Completion Depth Lease Name Well # Well Type Acres Distance to nearest well Distance to nearest Lease Line SWR Pooled/Unitized
Primary Field
14820001 1950 SM DAVIS 95 Oil or Gas Well 241.0 300.0 feet 400.0 feet N
Perpendiculars Distance Direction Distance Direction
Surface Lease Lines 400.0 feet EAST 750.0 feet SOUTH
Remark Date Entered Entered By
There have been problems identified with this permit (see problem letter attachment). Notification sent. 08/28/2013 03:38:22 PM RRC STAFF
Problems identified with this permit are resolved. 08/29/2013 08:28:40 AM RRC STAFF
Revised plat attached. 08/29/2013 08:29:47 AM RRC STAFF
Attachment Type File Path Associated Fields and/or Plats
As Submitted W-1 AsSubmittedW1-8-20-2013.pdf
Permit Problem Letter problem_letter_8-28-2013.pdf
PLAT #2 (Paper Size: LTR) SMDavis95Revised.tif CALLAHAN COUNTY REGULAR
As Approved W-1 AsApprovedW1-8-29-2013.pdf
As Approved Permit AsApprovedPermit-8-29-2013.pdf
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